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Premium Beef

pasture raised & perfected

Our Mission

Our family's goal is to sustainably and humanely raise premium beef that we can sell directly from our pasture to your table. We are dedicated to producing and providing our community, near and far, with premium quality beef so that future generations may continue to farm.

Parsons Creek Steak Family

Who We Are

By supporting Parsons Creek premium beef you’re directly supporting our family’s small farm in northern Missouri. From five generations of farming and ranching, this work is our heritage and we take a great deal of pride in our herd and our farm. We hope to leave behind a legacy, one that represents our values of honor and integrity while paying homage to the generations before us. We believe in raising cattle humanely, in a way that is mutually beneficial to both the land and the animals. We are stewards of this land, to our herd, and to this lifecycle, a responsibility that we have graciously accepted. We are thrilled to share the fruit of our labor with you!

What We Do

We’ve been farming and ranching for generations, preserving the land and fostering a sense of community here in northern Missouri. When you buy your food locally and support small farms, you’re ensuring you receive higher quality beef and a more sustainable final product. Our cattle are raised on pasture where they graze freely throughout the day, with access to diverse grasses, fresh air, and sunny skies. Not only is the packaging we use to ship to you recyclable, it is made using recycled material.

Black Angus Cattle
Black Angus Cattle

Why Buy Local?

There are several reasons to support small businesses, your food is no exception. The environmental impact of food produced through small-scale farming operations is far less than that of grocery chains, and the premium quality of local, pastured beef is unmeasurable. Due to the minimal transportation and processing required in offering direct-to-consumer products, our production uses fewer emissions than buying from the big box grocery chain so you can rest assured that your money is valuing your health and the health of our planet. 

Purchasing products directly from Parsons Creek keeps your money in a small local economy, keeps a family-owned business in operation, and ensures we can continue to create a viable local food system for our communities and future farmers. There is a deep and underappreciated sense of belonging that comes from knowing where your food comes from, who grew it, and who tended to it. The taste of humanely and ethically raised beef is superior to what is found at the grocery store, we are confident you will certainly taste the difference!

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