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With cherished memories of spending his childhood summers and holidays on his grandfather’s farm in Meadville, Missouri, Christian always dreamt that one day he’d be able to own and manage his own cattle farm. Some 20 years later, Christian and his wife Madison returned to the family farm to continue his family’s fifth-generation legacy of humanely raising premium beef.

Named in honor of the creek that runs through the area, Parsons Creek Steak is a family-owned and operated farm on the expansive grasslands of northern Missouri where we raise Black Angus cattle. 

Our family's goal is to sustainably and humanely raise superior-quality beef that we can sell directly from our pasture to your table. Our cattle are raised naturally, on pasture, and in the sunshine. Pasture-raised and corn-finished to provide you with beautifully tender and marbled meat with a truly delicious flavor. Our cattle are free of routine antibiotics and growth hormones and our family personally tends to the cattle every day, rain, snow, or sunshine.  We are dedicated to producing and providing our community, near and far, with superior-quality beef so that future generations may continue to farm. From our farm to your table, we believe that lasting memories are created around the dinner table and we’re honored to be a part of your family.

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